Interested in partnering with The Word for Life?
FBC Media is pleased to produce and represent The Word for Life.  We think you’ll agree that the production quality and content achieve the highest standards. Our experienced team includes, Doug Hannah as our announcer on the program and our top-notch production team responsible for seamlessly framing Pastor Lands’ messages.
Jon is surrounded by a supportive church and a visionary board of directors responsible for guiding the non-profit ministry. Please be sure to check out the rest of the website where you can learn more about this growing ministry and the variety of resources available to listeners.

The Monday through Friday broadcast is 14:30 in length and the weekend program is 25-minutes in length. The program is available via FTP download.  Please contact Ryan Skiebe at or by phone at 304-295-8982 ext. 111.

“On the Rejoice Broadcast Network, we select the highest quality, spiritually uplifting teaching programs to air on our 40 stations. The 15-minute format of The Word for Life daily program blends well into our programming as evidenced by the great response we have received from listeners. Also, the program file integrates seamlessly into our automation system via FTP. We are thankful for this edifying ministry and pleased to air The Word for Life.

Jeff Surgeon

Manager of Rejoice Broadcast Network
“We are very selective about what programs we put on the air. 
The Word for Life is one of the most popular programs we have on Clean Air Radio.  Our listeners love Pastor Lands!  I love the practical teaching and preaching to Pastor Lands.  The program is professionally produced, and will greatly benefit and enhance your radio lineup. I highly recommend The Word for Life.”
David Weirich 
Clean Air Christian Radio Network
– Currently broadcast on 152 stations across the U.S. and internationally
– Fully integrates easily via FTP with your station automation
– Total run time of the daily program is 14:30 and the total run time of the weekend program is 25:00. 
– Two months of material available at all times
– Available on a 50/50 share basis
Q: How does FBC Media provide broadcasts?
A: FBC Media provides broadcasts via FTP  We encourage stations to receive broadcasts through FTP for everyone’s ease of use.
Q: How often do you upload/ship broadcasts?
A: We usually upload digital broadcasts to the FTP server every 2-3 weeks. 

Q: What is the lead time for broadcasts? 
A: Digital broadcasts delivered through the FTP server are usually provided 4 weeks in advance. 

Q: Who do I talk to if I am interested in airing your programs?
A: Please contact us at
Q: Are promo spots available?
A: Please submit your request to including a script and the date desired. 
Q: How do I get access to your FTP server?
A:  To request FTP please contact
Listen to a sample of  The Word for Life Daily 15-minute program. 

Listen to a sample of  The Word for Life weekly 25-minute program.